Manager's Desk

Education is joy, it is passion and our young generation deserve this experience so that they can convert their desires into dreams and accomplish them in reality. It is true that education is necessary to groom a child so that he can grow up into a mature and dignified individual who is able to etch out a space for himself in this world. But few of us really understand the importance of good cheer and laughter in life. Just as education is necessary to the child so is the formation of the cheerful habit. This should be regarded as the first essential of the preparation for life.

         So we need to teach the child how to fling out his wings and spread the inborn gladness and joy with the same freedom and confidence as that of the nightingale when it spreads its melodious song.

         To foster a sunny, joyous and happy childhood, our task is to enrich the school with lots of dynamic activities that may send forth a different glimpse of educational skill. Great importance is attached to physical training, computer education and other co-curricular activities so as to enable a child to develop a healthy body in addition to a healthy mind. For the attainment of this goal the institution expects parents to share the objectives and to co-operate in making it a reality.


  • Corona Comic for awareness 
  • All the parents and students are hereby informed that the annual exams scheduled for 19th,  25th & 26th March 2020 are cancelled. The subjects for which the exams are cancelled will not be considered for the  promotion to the next class.  The dates for the PTM and the commencement of new session will be declared later as per the guidelines issued by the administration.
  • All ongoing CBSE board exams of class X & XII have been postponed till 31st March 2020 and will be rescheduled after 31st March.  Kindly keep yourself updated with respect to the new dates.